Nicholas Flugga, M.S.
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Tarot readings that reconcile rationality and spirituality.

Hello, my name is Nicholas.

I have been a lover of tarot for over 20 years, and a professional reader for over 10 years. I also happen to hold a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics.


My approach is straight-forward:

a reading with me will GIVE you:

  • Insight into your current situation, whether a relationship, a career, or something else holding you back, and
  • Actions you can take to improve that situation.

It sounds simple, but is quite powerful. No enchantments required.

Sorry, but I can't:

  • Connect you with your spirit guides,
  • Contact your dead grandma, or
  • Cast a spell to bring your boyfriend back.

"A reading from Nicholas isn't crazy voodoo magic. It is real intuition coming from someone with a scientific background."

— Lauren M.


"It was an approach that appealed to my rational brain while also being quite fun. I will definitely be booking another reading with him."

— Allison S.


"I highly recommend him if you need a new perspective on your life."

— Megan G.

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You can read more of my thoughts on my blog,

and get the nitty gritty on my readings.

When you're ready, you can book a reading.